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As an experienced outdoor furniture manufacturer, we offer wholesale outdoor furniture solutions to business clients, assisting them in developing distinctive products to excel in the market.

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The Results We Drove for eCommerce Businesses

We help eCommerce businesses develop products for online market and skyrocket the sales.

Who Our Products and Service is for?

We’re not just any patio furniture supplier, we’re your partner in success. From SMBs to global brands, we cover it all. Discover the difference with us today!

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SMBs and Startups

Mix it Up Container Solution

Ideal for small businesses or fresh startups, our mixed container service lets you diversify your order. You can pop various items into one container, ditching the pressure of hitting high MOQs. Start small, think big!

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eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce Savvy Packing

Catering to the unique needs of eCommerce businesses, we offer knock-down structure products. They’re easier to pack and cheaper to deliver. Perfect for trimming down your overhead costs.

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Furniture Shop Owners and Retailers

Data-Driven Market Insight

Traditional furniture shops and local retailers, we’ve got you! We share and analyze market data to give you a better read on trends. Use our insights to tweak your sales strategy and sell like a pro.

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Chain Furniture Brands

Brand Boosting Solutions

For global brands, we offer tailor-made product development solutions. Plus, we provide open terms and regional price protection. It’s all about strengthening your market share, without any nasty surprises.

We Deliver Products with Profitable Values

Our commitment to excellence ensures that each shipment holds not only high-quality B2B patio furniture but also the potential for enhanced returns on your investment.

Here's Average Outcomes We Deliver to Partners

Increase in Sales
1 %
Decrease in Cost
1 %
Increase in Leads
1 %

They Think Bestyle Rocks

Juan2 years ago
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"Our company has been working with Bestyle for years. Their outdoor furniture is top-notch quality, truly built to last. Couldn't ask for better!"
Oliver2 year ago
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"Working with Bestyle has been a breeze. The service is excellent - they really go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction."
Sophie3 years ago
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"In this industry, lead times can be quite tricky. Bestyle consistently delivers on time, every time. It's incredible, really."
Luca2 years ago
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"I can always rely on Bestyle for competitive pricing. Their rates are the best in the market, and the quality is unmatched."
Akiko1 year ago
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"Bestyle's range of products is fantastic - so many styles and designs to choose from. It really helps us cater to diverse customer preferences."
Thomas1 year ago
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"Our partnership with Bestyle has significantly helped our business grow. Their consistent support and top-tier products make them an asset to us."
Mathilde11 months ago
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"We've just completed our third bulk order with Bestyle. As always, it's been a smooth process, from order to delivery. They've become a vital part of our supply chain."
Liam10 months ago
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"Bestyle's team is always helpful and attentive. It's like they understand our business needs even before we do! Their commitment to customer service is unparalleled."
Mia8 months ago
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"The durability of Bestyle's outdoor furniture is impressive. Even with harsh weather conditions, the products hold up brilliantly. Our customers love it!"
Alicia6 months ago
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"It's refreshing to find a distributor that values both quality and affordability. Bestyle offers the best of both worlds. Our customers are pleased, and so are we."

From Products to Services, We've Got Your Back

Customized Design Solutions

Create unique outdoor settings with our tailored designs, satisfying over 50 businesses annually.

Superior Quality Control

Relish in our 99.8% defect-free products, thanks to our rigorous quality control processes.

24/7 After-Sales Support

Experience prompt service with our 24/7 support, resolving over 95% of inquiries within 24 hours.

Economical Furniture Solutions

Experience up to 30% savings with our competitively priced, high-quality outdoor furniture.

Timely Delivery Promise

Achieve seamless operations with our 98% on-time delivery rate.

Niche Expertise Benefit

Capitalize on our deep industry knowledge, gained from over 20 years in the outdoor furniture niche.

About Bestyle Home Inc.

  • We’ve got a rock-solid Asia-based sourcing team that works with furniture suppliers in Vietnam, China, and Indonesia, guaranteeing variety, speed, low tariffs, and competitive prices.
  • From budget-friendly to high-end designs, our extensive outdoor furniture selection offers over 500 unique styles to satisfy diverse market needs.
  • Our U.S.-based sales headquarters efficiently manage global business operations, making international trade easy and convenient for you.
  • Not just support, our China-based digital marketing and e-commerce team provides free market data analysis, giving you insights to tap into greater markets.

What Our Latest Review Have to Say

Haley Boynton
Haley Boyntonabout 1 year ago
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It's a relief knowing that Bestyle values ethical sourcing. Makes me feel good about my purchases.
Gregory Wilkerson
Gregory Wilkersonabout 11 months ago
Read More
Bestyle is more than a patio furniture supplier; they're collaborators in our design projects. Their patio furniture elevates spaces, reflecting our commitment to excellence.
Gertrude Landy
Gertrude Landyabout 8 months ago
Read More
Never second-guessed Bestyle's quality. Their products withstand the test of time, every single time.
Thresa Robinson
Thresa Robinsonabout 3 years ago
Read More
Absolutely loving Bestyle's products! Their range keeps getting better and better.
Jordan Threlfall
Jordan Threlfallabout 3 years ago
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Quick shoutout to Bestyle for their lightning-fast shipping. Ordered, and voila, it's here!
Jeremy Graham
Jeremy Grahamabout 2 years ago
Read More
If you're a bargain hunter like me, Bestyle's prices will make your day. Quality isn't compromised either.
Fred E. Mills
Fred E. Millsabout 6 months ago
Read More
Partnering with Bestyle means sourcing patio furniture with ease. Their B2B pricing, coupled with quality craftsmanship, helps us deliver exceptional outdoor spaces for our clients.
Fannie Pruitt
Fannie Pruittabout 5 months ago
Read More
Bestyle's B2B advantage lies in their sourcing prowess. Ethical practices shine through their patio furniture, aligning perfectly with our sustainability goals.
Christopher Clayton
Christopher Claytonabout 3 months ago
Read More
Reliability matters in business partnerships, and Bestyle delivers. Consistent product quality, on-time shipping, and competitive pricing make them a trusted source for outdoor furniture.

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